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Why publish with SISP?

What does SISP publish?
SISP is non-profit, open access scholarly publisher that publishes research results of Smithsonian scholars and about Smithsonian collections. Its principal products are open access monographs.

What are SISP’s manuscript size limitations?
SISP limits new submissions as follows: TEXT cannot exceed 500 pages (2.0 spacing, 1-inch margins, all text at 12 pt. in Times New Roman [incl. regular text, captions, tables, notes, references and any other backmatter]). FIGURE/ART/IMAGE FILES cannot exceed 150 (refers to number of graphic files; a multi-component figure composed in a single file, such as a plate, will be counted as 1).

Who is eligible?

Are SI scholars required to submit their manuscripts to SISP?
No. SISP is an optional publishing outlet.

Do SI scholars have to obtain approval from SISP to go to another publisher?
SI scholars do not need SISP’s approval to go to another publisher.

Do I have to submit a proposal before I submit my completed manuscript?
No. Submitting a proposal is an optional, early step. When ready for peer review, submit your completed manuscript.

Are SISP publications peer reviewed?

Submissions for consideration as Smithsonian Contributions Series and as Open Monographs are subjected to scholarly peer review. Acceptance for publication requires completion of and positive results from peer review of a complete manuscript by at least two qualified scholars and subsequent positive evaluation of the final revised manuscript by SISP and its Editorial Board.

How long does peer review take?

Time for peer review depends on many factors. Typically, authors should allow three (3) months after submission before they expect review results from SISP.

Is SISP the same as Smithsonian Books?
No. SISP is an internal scholarly publisher with restricted eligibility. Smithsonian Books is a trade book publisher and a division of Smithsonian Enterprises.

Is my manuscript subject to SI’s Public Access Plan?
The plan applies to journal articles and book chapters authored and co-authored by SI scholars. Find out more at the PUBLISHING & PUBLIC ACCESS tab.