How To Submit

How to Submit

To submit to SISP's open access series, refer to SISP Manuscript Preparation Guide for detailed instructions. When your manuscript is ready for peer review, share the required materials (see below) via Dropbox, or other file-transfer system, with scholarlypress at

To submit to Atoll Research Bulletin, refer to and apply the Atoll Research Bulletin Formatting Instructions. When your manuscript is ready for peer review, share your manuscript via Dropbox, or another file-transfer system, with scholarlypress @ You may send inquiries but please do not submit to ARBeditor @

If you are submitting a scholarly book manuscript, email all required materials (see below) to SISP.

Criteria for Submission

  • Text and figure selection complete prior to peer review.
  • Authored by at least one eligible scholar. (See "Who Is Eligible?" section)
  • Scholarly content based on sound research.
  • Related to Smithsonian research and/or collections.
    • Smithsonian Employee: manuscript results from work completed by Smithsonian employee as part of official duties.
    • Smithsonian Emeritus: research conducted as part of official duties as Smithsonian employee and continued or finalized after retirement and Emeritus designation.
    • Smithsonian Fellow or Research Associate: preponderance of content must be from research conducted under academic appointment at Smithsonian.
  • Research must be original (i.e., not previously published).
  • For proceedings, symposium must be officially sponsored by Smithsonian and volume must include SI researchers as editors and contributors.

Who Is Eligible?

SISP is an internal publishing program with eligibility limited to research conducted by Smithsonian researchers and about Smithsonian collections. To be eligible for publication through SISP, a manuscript must be based on research conducted as part of employment or other affiliation, as specified below, with the Smithsonian Institution.

  • Current Smithsonian employees
  • Former Smithsonian employees with official Emeritus designation
    • Designation letter must accompany submission.
  • Research Associates and Fellows
    • Appointments must be registered/awarded through Office of Fellowships and Internships.
    • Letter of endorsement from supervisor of appointment/fellowship must accompany submission.
    • Fellow may submit a complete manuscript no more than 5 (five) years after end of fellowship, and manuscript must be a result of the research for which the applicable fellowship was awarded.
  • Visiting Scholars/Scientists (former) may submit only as co-author with current SI-employed scholar(s).
  • Atoll Research Bulletin - Submitting scholars need not be affiliated with Smithsonian.

Required Materials for a Proposal (optional)

  • SISP New Submission Form
  • Table of contents (include major headings and estimated page counts for each section/chapter)
  • Abstracts (if edited collection) or sample text (prefer preface/introduction + up to 20 pages of first chapter/paper)
  • If applicable, letter of endorsement from appointment/fellowship supervisor. (See "Who is Eligible")

Required Materials for a Manuscript

For Peer Review

  • Completed SISP New Submission Form (if you submitted a proposal, send an updated form)
  • Complete text in a single MS Word document (double spaced, 1-inch margins), with all chapters or papers in the order they will appear. (If an edited collection, you may combine all docs into a PDF.)
  • Tables, numbered and titled, in separate MS Word file(s).
  • Figures compiled as either (1) a single PDF containing all figures in order of appearance in the manuscript or (2) embedded figures in MS Word document immediately after each figure's in-text callout.
  • If applicable, letter of endorsement from appointment/fellowship supervisor. (See "Who is Eligible")

Post-Peer Review, Revised Manuscript

  • Monograph = Text in a single MS Word document (includes frontmatter, main text, and backmatter).
  • Edited collection/Proceedings = Each of the following in a separate MS Word document: frontmatter (title page, table of contents, preface, introduction, etc.); each paper (with references and figure captions at end).
  • Tables, numbered and titled, in separate MS Word file(s).
  • Each figure in a separate file in the correct format. (See Digital Art Preparation Guide)
  • Permissions that properly license reproduction rights for figures/images/materials owned by third parties. (See Permissions)

For more information, email SISP.