Editorial Boards

SISP has one advisory Publications Oversight Board and seven Editorial Boards. All boards are comprised of scholarly representatives from Smithsonian museums, research facilities, and scholarly programs. 

The Publications Oversight Board (POB) advises SISP on its process planning and, if the need arises, prioritizes production scheduling and funding for accepted manuscripts.  

Current POB members:

Ginger Strader – Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press

Nancy Gwinn – Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Christine Kreamer – National Museum of African Art

Peter Leimgruber – Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Igor Krupnik – National Museum of Natural History (Chair, Editorial Board for Anthropology)

Roger Launius – National Air and Space Museum (Chair, Editorial Board for History and Technology)

Paul Peterson – National Museum of Natural History (Chair, Editorial Board for Botany)

Dick Thorington – National Museum of Natural History (Chair, Editorial Board for Zoology)

Peter Wagner – National Museum of Natural History (Chair, Editorial Board for Paleobiology)

vacant – (Chair, Editorial Board for Marine Sciences)

vacant – (Chair, Editorial Board for Museum Conservation)

vacant – (Chair, Editorial Board for Zoology)

Each Editorial Board (EB) provides scholarly oversight of manuscripts submitted to its discipline’s Smithsonian Contributions Series. EB members evaluate all peer review results and facilitate or conduct peer review of submissions. 

Current EB members:

Mary Jo Arnoldi (National Museum of Natural History)
Marjorie Hunt (Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage)
William Merrill (National Museum of Natural History)
David Penney (National Museum of the American Indian)
Daniel Rogers (National Museum of Natural History)
Igor Krupnik (National Museum of Natural History)

Pedro Acevedo (National Museum of Natural History)
Laurence Dorr (National Museum of Natural History)
Jun Wen (National Museum of Natural History)
Paul Peterson (National Museum of Natural History)

History and Technology
Bart Hacker (National Museum of American History)
Jeffrey Stine (National Museum of American History)
Margaret Vining (National Museum of American History)
Deborah Warner (National Museum of American History)
Roger Launius (National Air and Space Museum)

Marine Sciences
Stephen Cairns (National Museum of Natural History)
Rachel Collin (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)
Brian Huber (National Museum of Natural History)
Klaus Ruetzler (National Museum of Natural History)
Greg Ruiz (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center)
Mark Torchin (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute)
Marguerite Toscano (National Museum of Natural History) – Atoll Research Bulletin

Museum Conservation
Lucy Commoner (Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum)
Carol Grissom (Smithsonian’s Museum Conservation Institute)
Susan Heald (National Museum of the American Indian)
Lauren Horelick (National Air and Space Museum)
Emily Kaplan (National Museum of the American Indian)
Amber Kerr (Smithsonian American Art Museum)
Nora Lockshin (Smithsonian Institution Archives)

Martin Buzas (Emeritus, National Museum of Natural History) 
Peter Wagner (National Museum of Natural History)

Ellen Strong (National Museum of Natural History)