For more on copyright protection of Smithsonian online content, see the Smithsonian Institution’s Terms of Use.

Obtaining Permissions for Materials Used in Your Manuscript

SISP requires that an author obtain permissions from rights holders prior to submission of final manuscript. SISP does not license any materials on behalf of its authors. Permissions are required for third-party graphics/figures/images, some Smithsonian-owned graphics/figures/images, and protected text that does not fall under fair use (e.g., poetry, song lyrics).

Use SISP's "Do I Need to Get Permission?" decision tree to:

  • Determine if permission is needed.
  • Determine what type of permission document is needed.
  • See a list of the types of permission documents SISP will accept.

Permission Request for Third-Party Materials - Open Access

  • Send this form to rights holders if you are submitting your manuscript to one of SISP’s open access series:
    • Smithsonian Contributions series
    • Atoll Research Bulletin
    • Open Monographs

Permission Request for Third-Party Materials - Scholarly Book

  • Send this form to rights holders if you are submitting your manuscript for publication as a scholarly book (i.e., for sale through SISP's distributor).

Requesting Permission to Use SISP Content

Non-commercial use: If you wish to reproduce text and/or figures originally published by SISP and the material is not credited to the Smithsonian Institution, one of its museums/research facilities or staff, or a third party, Smithsonian’s Terms of Use apply. The original publication must be appropriately cited.

Commercial use: Email SISP.