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Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainability in the Americas book cover

Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainability in the Americas

List Price: 34.95

This book compiles the latest research on the effects of climate change on biodiversity in the Americas and the sustainability efforts being made to preserve the ecological integrity of these regions. Scientists working in Canada, Puerto Rico, Argentina, the USA, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica contribute their findings in such varied areas as avian populations, the impacts of climate extremes on biodiversity, carbon storage in tree plantations, and the relationship between precipitation and vegetation. The changing climate and human activity are affecting ecosystems throughout the Americas. Governments, NGOs, industries, and communities need to learn about these changes in order to adapt their planning, infrastructure, and operations to mitigate the loss of biodiversity.

ISBN: 9781935623724

Publication Date: September 8, 2015

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