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Anatomy and Classification of the Mesophyllaceae (Corallinales, Rhodophyta), Based on Phylogenetic Principles

A phylogenetic analysis based on parsimony and outgroup comparison indicates that the Mesophyllaceae comprise the Clathromorphoideae subfam. nov., the Protomesophylloideae subfam. nov., and the Mesophylloideae. The latter subfamily includes the main core of species previously assigned to Mesophyllum and Leptophytum. The Clathromorphoideae comprise the genera Clathromorphum, Neopolyporolithon, Callilithophytum, and the monotypic Clathmoroa gen. nov. based on C. tubiformis comb. nov. from South Africa. Protomesophylloideae is monotypic, based on Protomesophyllum ameleteton sp. nov. from southern Australia-New Zealand-Chatham. Within the Mesophylloideae, three tribes are recognized: Amphithallieae trib. nov., Melyvonneeae trib. nov., and Magnephyceae trib. nov.

Publication Date: February 22, 2024

Availability: Electronically