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The tradition of scholarly publishing at the Smithsonian dates back to the Institution’s origin. In keeping with James Smithson’s stipulation that his bequest to the United States be “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge,” Joseph Henry, the first Secretary of the Smithsonian (1846–1878), initiated in 1848 the Institution’s first publication, Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge. The tradition continues today with Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press (SISP).

One of several offices operating within the Smithsonian’s Office of the Deputy Under Secretary for Collections and Interdisciplinary Support, SISP publishes research by Smithsonian scholars in many fields – particularly science, art and art history, aviation and space, and history and material culture – and research closely related to Smithsonian collections.

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Types of Ampullariidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, with Lectotype Designations

By Robert H. Cowie, Kenneth A. Hayes, and Ellen E. Strong

A Smithsonian Contribution to Knowledge

Taxonomy of Ampullariidae (large freshwater snails mostly from humid tropical and subtropical habitats of Africa, South and Central America, and Asia) is confused mainly because most species were described on the basis of shell morphology, which is highly variable within species yet relatively conservative among species in the family. This comprehensive study of type material is a start for an acutely needed rigorous taxonomic treatment.


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Lox, Stocks, and Backstage Broadway: Iconic Trades of New York City

By Nancy Groce

Now available in paperback! From Broadway and Wall Street to the farthest reaches of New York’s fabled subway system, this book celebrates the occupational skills, knowledge, and traditions that have made New York legendary and introduces readers to a remarkable cast of artisans, workers, laborers, and artists whose jobs nurture the very heart of Gotham.

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Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Sustainability in the Americas: Impacts and Adaptations

Edited by Francisco Dallmeier, Adam Fenech, Don MacIver and Robert Szaro

Now available in paperback! This book compiles the latest research on the effects of climate change on biodiversity in the Americas and the sustainability efforts being made to preserve the ecological integrity of these regions. Scientists working in Canada, Puerto Rico, Argentina, the USA, Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica contribute their findings on how the changing climate and human activity are affecting ecosystems throughout the Americas.

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Illuminating Instruments

Edited by Peter Morris and Klaus Staubermann

Now available in paperback! This 7th volume in the Artefacts series looks at a number of significant scientific instruments and examines the roles these instruments played both as scientific devices developed to advance our knowledge of the world and as cultural artifacts manufactured and used in specific settings.

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