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Science, Ethics, and Food: Papers and Proceedings of a Colloquium Organized by the Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian International Symposia Series) book cover

Science, Ethics, and Food: Papers and Proceedings of a Colloquium…

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Behind a facade of technically complex problems and pervasive misunderstandings or failures of communication, improved global production and distribution of food undeniably looms as one of the greatest challenges we face. In order to develop long-term remedies for the wrenchingly human dilemmas associated with the world’s food supply, the issues must be formulated in terms that draw upon a wide range of disciplines and arenas of action. This book is the record of one such cross-fertilization of ideas and strategies, emerging out of an impressive gathering of authorities from diverse fields, which may be instrumental in solving the hunger problem.

ISBN: 9780874746051

Publication Date: November 17, 1988

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