The Complete Guide to the Birdlife of Britain and Europe
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This authoritative guide is unparalleled in scope and depth. More than 3,500 brilliant color illustrations show each bird from up to twelve different angles, clearly and accurately presenting all distinguishing features of male and female, juvenile and adult birds. The engaging text is easily accessible yet detailed enough to satisfy even the most experienced birdwatcher.

Each entry includes both common and scientific names for the bird. A succinct summary facilitates instant identification of the species and is followed by detailed discussions about habitat, feeding, displays and calls, breeding, migration, and length. A separate box offers "when to see" and "where found" information, indicating the time of year and where in Britain and Europe the species can be seen. For quick reference, icons accompanying each entry indicate the status of the species in Britain (resident, rare vagrant, etc.) and its preferred habitat. Finally, the captions accompanying the illustrations suggest features to check if a bird cannot be quickly identified.

This thorough guide is color coded to allow instant access to the right bird. For its level of detail, convenience, and incomparable illustrations, The Complete Guide to the Birdlife of Britain and Europe is an essential addition to any birder's library.
ISBN 13: 9781588340887
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